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Michael DevolinGaza: Another of Islam's Reality ShowsBy Michael DevolinJun 20, 2007 - 8:26:25 AM
Islam has no moderates. Islam represents only Muslims, which includes those who are transiting away from that congenital humanity they inherited through nascency-a humanity that, properly motivated, defies the insensate culture bequeathed them from the Koran-and those who have already protruded beyond that humanity, having made the journey to veridical Islam, which now includes the blood-for-blood reality show presently being played out in Gaza by Muslim terrorists belonging to Hamas and Fatah.
I remember that but a few days ago, the media were comparing Hamas and Fatah, describing Fatah as "secular" and "the more moderate" of the two. Fatah, in my opinion, is nothing more than a terrorist group driven by the lure of billions in "foreign aid" currencies, directed by a senior citizen terrorist who now adapts, as an imposed prerequisite to receiving these same billions, the cavil of statecraft. And now Abbas' Fatah gunmen, in a public display of what has evolved as Islam's peculiar avant-garde statecraft, are killing Hamas supporters in the streets. Where is the moderation in that? And how is this behaviour any different from that of Hamas' gunmen who, not to be outdone, are killing Fatah gunmen in the streets? Islam has given a whole new meaning to the term "vicious circle."
And please, can anyone enlighten me as to what is "secularism" in Gaza, because every time I watch TV news casts about either of these two Islamic killing fraternities, whether Hamas or Fatah, I see men with an AK47 in one hand and a Koran in the other? It seems to me that in the context of Gaza and the so-called Palestinians, both secularism and Islam are neither indicative nor portentous of any sort of denouement to the obsession these people seem to have with killing each other whenever they are not busy killing Israeli Jews. These people are ready to govern a "Palestinian state" contiguous to Israel? I don't think so. Such a state, whether governed by Fatah or Hamas, would be, to borrow a phrase from Geoffrey Wheatcroft, "an absurdity, a noble failure, or something in between."
And what relevance does secularism have within the bounds of the so-called Palestinian struggle anyway? After all, this is the same populace that voted in the Muslim zealots of Hamas and rejected "the more moderate" Fatah. What pertinence, therefore, has Fatah's miasmic secularism in a religious setting as autocratic as Islam's? None.
After all is said and done, whether within or without Gaza, the hemorrhaging of whatever frail unity previously existed between Fatah and Hamas is nothing more than the sectarian violence that follows Islam around the globe. Yesterday it was Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia. Today it's Gaza: another of Islam's reality shows.
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