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Democracy Without Islam

Democracy Without Islam

By Michael Devolin
Sep 12, 2007 - 8:31:16 PM

In her book Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes, "Shouldn't the places where Allah was worshipped and His laws obeyed have been at peace and wealthy, and the unbelievers' countries ignorant, poor, and at war." This is a point of truth Islam's apologists will not touch with a ten foot pole. Of course, in their feverish imposture and denigration of the West, of Israel and her Jews, these apologists haven't scheduled for such bulldozing knowledge. They have failed to comprehend that the West's foreseeable rejection of Islam is not only a consequence of Islam's predictable terrorism and violence, but also our instinctual habit of preservation: We have by now noticed that the average Muslim is not integrating into our culture but only insofar as is necessary for him to exploit the compassionate infrastructures that welcome him into our reasonable world. We have by now become anxious about the intelligible possibility that our beloved Western freedoms and religious liberties will soon be transmogrified and extirpated by Islam's malefic, exponential and insular presence within our borders.
Samuel P. Huntington posits to his trembling students that, "The decline of the West is still in the slow first phase, but at some point it might speed up dramatically." Well, aside from a burning desire to tell Mr. Huntington that he can kiss my Irish-Canadian ass, I am also keen to inform him that the West is not finished. Not yet. Not by a long shot. Western intelligence agencies are well aware of Islam's bludgeoning of our "system" and our accommodative culture. Many of Islam's proponents, whether terrorists or apologists (is there a difference?) are well aware of our cognizance of their exploitation and hatred of our non-Islamic democracy and its Judeo-Christian social appendages, such as "Welfare" and "Immigration". They simply believe (but for entirely different reasons) as Samuel P. Huntington and all his lemming-minded, broken-hearted friends believe-- that the West is on a journey into extinction.
In his provocative book America Alone, Mark Steyn warns the West that our contest with Islam is merely a matter of demographics. He rightly warns that Muslim families are reproducing at higher percentages than non-Muslim families. Oriana Fallaci's controversial statement that Muslims "breed like rats" is, as one would expect from such a brave soul, based on statistical truth. It is by now evident to all who have been following the blood trail of Mohammedanism that this religion and its adherents have envisioned for themselves (whether non-Muslims like it or not) a world ruled by a caliphal Islam.
Democracy is not palatable to Islam's angry clerics unless of course it is a democracy actualized by a majority Muslim electorate. Ajai Sahni related to this pernicious strategy when he wrote of the Muslim populations of Junagadh and Hyderbad, that they believed "they have a natural constituency." Daniel Pipes' high-flying accolades for the "democracy" now being fabricated by the pro-Islamic voters in Turkey is yet another of his sciolistic and ludicrously odd constructs of a democracy that will never exist save in the mind of sycophantic fools like himself. Simply put, a democracy created by a Muslim electorate-as exampled by Hamas' election victory in Gaza-is not a democracy at all but rather the end of democracy and the beginning of a terrorist state. As Huntington so rightly put it, "In Islam, Caesar is God."
Written by Michael Devolin© Copyright 2002-2007 by Magic City Morning Star

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Blogger said...

In response to your claims on Lipstadts blog.

You are leaving the fact that Serbian Chetniks, who collaborated with NAZI's, massacred 103,000 Bosniaks during WWII. You are comparing WW2 which has nothing to do with 1995, you are trying to moraly equalize two different events.

Srebrenica genocide did not happen in WW2, it happened under the U.N. protection on July 11 1997.On 3 September 1991, on the brink of the war, the Eastern Bosnia's first victims of ethnic violence were Bosniak Muslims - killed when a group of Kravica policemen and Serb paramilitary nationalists ambushed their vehicle, killing two out of three people inside. None of the Serb perpetrators and accomplices in the attack were ever brought to trial.

Bosniaks did not commit mass scale massacres against the Serbs around Srebrenica - as concluded by the international court, see latest conclusions of the International Criminal Tribunal about falsification of Serb victims around Srebrenica:

You will find all kind of propaganda on right-wing Serbian nationalist websites, and all of it has been discredited by the International Criminal Tribunal - as you can read @ Srebrenica Genocide Blog another information: I will even give you UN id # "hokey hound", they are UN id numbers A/46/171 and S/25635.

These were NOT official UN conclusions. In fact, this one sided document about allegations of crimes against Serbs were submitted by Belgrade (Yugoslav propaganda trying to convince the U.N. that Muslims are to blame.)

As you can see from this propaganda document, Belgrade sources failed to mention that by that time Serb forces ethnically cleansed over 200,000 Bosniaks in predominantly Bosniak territory of eastern Bosniak, and Serb forces also killed over 10,000 Bosniaks.

So, the UN document you are refering to is not Official UN Conclusion; it's just a Belgrade's submission (Serbia's side of the story), which was discredited by the International Criminal Tribunal.